The Zen of Muji

NOVEMBER 28 2017

I’ve spent countless hours in Muji browsing its aisles.

I’ve always wondered why I am so enamored with it, why I can spend lots of time, sometimes up to an hour perusing. This can be attributed to its obvious traits: The design of its products are clean and functional. Things are made well.

Recently I realized that a major contributing factor to its appeal is the lack of obtrusive packaging and marketing speak.

kill me

In a store where products compete with each other for precious shopper attention on crowded shelves, we’re bombarded by features and marketing speak. Tiny voices shout their selling points at you.

In Muji, there isn’t competition. Each product is given its space, and more importantly, the lack of packaging invites the shopper to visualize the product’s place in your life. And that’s what a good product or brand should strive for.