Remember what you have

AUGUST 27 2018

During a ride home on the metro, Ellis began to cry. Shirley and I jumped to action, trying to soothe him with distractions in the form of blueberries. He was inconsolable. Anxiety crept as I felt the eyes of annoyed passengers judging us.

A woman sitting across the way looked up at the commotion and then looked back at her phone. I thought she was annoyed so I apologized for the noise. She quipped with a grin, "oh I don't mind at all."

We got off the train a few stops later and she walked along side us and told us more: "I didn't realize how much they taught us..."

I asked, "who taught you about what?"

She replied, "oh, kids. They teach you so much about love. My daughter passed away two years ago."

We gave her our condolences.

"Oh it's ok. I just didn't realize what I had." She looked distant.

We said our goodbyes. I hugged Ellis tightly.