Pitch perfect cyberpunk

JANUARY 21 2016

pitch perfect cyberpunk

The world needs good curators. Without them, we’re empty vessels devoid of inspiration and direction.

A good curator weaves stories by connecting seemingly unrelated themes. He doesn’t give you what you think you want — he takes you on a trip you never knew you needed.

I’ve sifted through thousands of images from the likes of yimmy yayo, JJJJound, and decapitate animals — each wonderful in their own way. Yimmy first lured me into Tumblr’s rabbit hole.

In there, I explored every niche imaginable. And through the reblogs of Lego mechas, monochrome tetrahedrons, blueprints for starships, and distorted oceans––I latched on instantly to otakugangsta.

The world of otakugangsta is tangible. It’s distorted. Chaotic. Symmetric. Seductive. Powerful. Forbidden. Alien. Unobtainable. Brooding. It’s cyberpunk through and through. Each post he shares continues to build upon the perfect aesthetic he’s developed for years. I can’t get enough of it.

I wonder why I love his interpretation of cyberpunk so much. Maybe it’s the collision of opposing themes, the cold undercurrent that shocks you while you’re swimming in a warm ocean. Maybe it reminds me of growing up Chinese in a white neighborhood, as different as chopsticks and bread. Familiarity in the unfamiliar.

In today’s culture, where pop media is dragged through every Instagram filter imaginable, otakugangsta is 85% dark chocolate that melts slowly into your psyche.

Give it a taste. It’s fucking brilliant.