Notes to myself – Solo camping

JUNE 20 2014

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My first solo camping trip to Harriman State Park in NY. Here are some notes and observations that probably only make sense to myself:

  • Cook from upwind to avoid flames.
  • Learn how to simmer. Cleaning burnt food from your only stove that’s also your bowl and mug is not fun.
  • Make a cozy for your mug/pot. It will keep your food and drink warm while protecting your fingers.
  • Weigh your food next time. Therefore you know how much you brought and ate.
  • Aqua mira works! First time I drank water from streams and lakes.
  • Ziplocks are great, smaller ones would have helped.
  • Although it is delicious and comforting, green tea before bed is a bad idea. (You knew this, Eric.)
  • Learning compass skills is essential. Next on the list: How to adjust for magnetic declination and how to triangulate.
  • Sunlight stayed out a lot longer than expected. Trust the sun, not your watch.
  • Humans are dirtier and scarier than nature.
  • Be smarter and more patient when planning a route. Rushing into decisions and mistakes are costly for time and energy.
  • Pay more attention to map contours and features.
  • Advice isn’t real until you experience it.
  • A heavier throw sack for your bear bag is easier to throw. Make sure there’s enough slack line and be patient to avoid tangles.