Do you miss New York?

DECEMBER 11 2016

About six months ago, Shirley and I moved from NYC to Los Angeles to be closer to our families and parents who seemingly age faster each day.

The transition has not been easy due to various reasons: New jobs, travel, family matters, and adjusting to a new way of life.

Living in Los Angeles makes me very aware how much humans have sacrificed for cars. This city was built on the scale of cars. Storefronts resort to huge signs that are can only be read at a distance. Sidewalks are hardly used, and if you happen to cross paths with another person, you wonder why they aren't in a car.

Experiences are connected by overcrowded streets and freeways by rage filled drivers texting on their phone while careening at 80mph. Public transportation feels classist. LA has a long way to go.

When people ask "do you miss New York?" I reply "yes, every day." It's the first place I've moved away from that I loved.

I'm taking things in stride. Soon, I hope to embrace my new life here.