A Calm Place

JANUARY 01 2018

Whitney Cummings, from Tim Ferriss' new book Tribe of Mentors:

In my photos on my phone, I made an album called “calm.” I have photos and videos of my animals, funny pictures, memes, inspiring quotes, articles about neurology, gratitude lists, all sorts of things that make me smile and reconnect to my source. It’s like my own personal digital Zen museum. Honestly, I think I’d be way more embarrassed if hackers released this album than any nude photos in my phone, but it's worth the risk. When I'm adrenalized, distracted, emotional, or anxious, I go into the album and it always grounds me;

I see her "calm" album on her phone as a precursor to VR. One day you'll slip on googles and be transported to your safe place, a space where everything is in its right place, where you know you'll always be able to find your peace.